God welcomes weeds into the garden of His church and acceptance and the addition of the Holy Spirit, plenty of love, prayer, Bible Study, protection, and continual support and nurture, weeds in God’s garden become the wonderful blossoms that draw others to them to find out what changed them.

Lent is the time to nurture the weeds that we are to enable us to blossom for God at Easter.







 Sketty Parish invites all to practise Christian faith,

together serving God   and our communityby

sharing the good news of Jesus





                Sunday 17th December 2017

The Third Sunday of Advent

Readings: Isiah 61: 1-4, 8-11; Magnificat.

 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-24;  John 1: 6-8, 19-28:

8.00 Eucharist   


9.30 Family Eucharist and Nativity Play

11.15 Eucharist

 6.30 Carol Service



Mon 1.30 Prayer meeting in the vestry


Tues  10.00 TOTS


   7.30 Bellringing

Wed  10.00 Holy Trinity Eucharist

11.00  Eucharist


Isaiah 7: 10-14; Psalm 24; Luke 1: 26-38;  

12.30 Sharing Together

Thurs.  2.00    Wedding of  Lucy Jayne Williams            and Peter James David Griffiths



Sunday 24th December 2017

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

Readings: 2 Samuel 7: 1-11,16;  Magnificat

 (Luke 1: 47-55); Romans 25-27; Luke 1: 26-38;

11.00  Joint Service Holy Trinity

5.00 Christmas Crib Service

11.30  Midnight Eucharist


Isiah 9: 2-7; Psalm 96: Titus 2: 11-14;

Luke2: 1-14;


9.30 Family Service and  Eucharist

at Holy Trinity

11.00 Eucharist at St Paul’s



Holy Trinity Church Parkway           

Sketty Park.

Weekly Notes.

Weekly Notes.


17th  December 2017


11:00am  Morning Prayer

6.30 Carol Service in St. Paul’s


  December 18th

at 2:00pm

 Carol Praise

at Holy Trinity.

In our Prayers:We pray for:

The Governing Body of the Church in Wales  

The Representative Body The Provincial Secretary: Simon Lloyd

Wyoming (The Episcopal Church):  

 The Rt Revd John Smylie.


Wednesday 13th December 2017     

 10.00 Eucharist


 Reader Chris Williams

   Reading (1) Isaiah 7: v 10-14  



                     Psalm :  24:   

                     Gospel Luke 1: v 26-38

Sunday 24th December 2017     


10:30am Eucharist

Please note the change of time

10:30am not 11:00am.


             Midnight Service at St Paul’s                    


Bill Ward has now been moved from Morriston to Gorseinon Hospital.

The Christmas Experience went very well and the children were very receptive.     Iris.



Acts 20: 35

You should remember these words of the Lord Jesus:

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Which do you enjoy the most at Christmas, giving, or receiving?

Graham Twelftree in his book, ‘Drive The Point Home’, tells the story about Richard Wurmbrand who was in prison for being a Christian and became seriously ill. He received an illicit gift of two lumps of sugar. He didn’t eat the sugar, but passed it on to someone who was in a worse state. Again the sugar wasn’t eaten. Apparently it lasted for some two years, passed from one prisoner to another, as a symbol of self- sacrifice and hope.

     What lies behind our giving at Christmas and what do we get out of receiving?

     We receive presents and we give them back. Do we give them because someone first gives us something and we think we ought to return the gesture? Do we give in order to get something back and does its cost depend on the value of what we received? Do we give because it is expected of us?  I am sure if we are honest some of these will apply to us!

    Do we ever give out of love regardless of whether we get anything back? I like to believe that there are many of us who do.

    We can find joy in the look on a child’s face as he or she fids the wanted present waiting for him or her on Christmas morning. Men and women wait eagerly for a much loved partner to open their gifts which express how much they appreciate each other and the love they share. Sometimes the giving of such gifts has been costly for us because we have had to do without things for ourselves in order to save up for them. We simply want to make the sacrifice out of love.

     What about how we receive our gifts? Perhaps this depends on if we like what we are given! It would be best if we accepted everything with the same attitude of gratitude and appreciation. There will be long cues in stores after Christmas of people returning and exchanging unwanted presents.

     In all the above talking about materialistic gifts but they all have a spiritual dimension.  

    The story with which I began this meditation expresses what

 Christian giving should be about and is a reflection of God’s gift of His Son to His children. Christ is a gift of Love and hope and of great sacrifice and is given to help and to save us. Jesus was not the Messiah that the Jews were expecting or wanting but He cannot be exchanged whether we like what He teaches or not!

    All that God expects in return is our love expressed in a change of behaviour and attitude and for it to be shared with others and continually passed on. This means that at Christmas instead of spending our money on many things for each other we could have one thing for ourselves and then use our money for something that will benefit many. An example of what I mean is sending food parcels to places in the world where Christmas day is just another day of starvation and sorrow.


  Christmas is the time to give to each other the most

precious gift of all and that is spiritual love as personified

in Jesus, and it cannot be bought. It is to be freely given,

accepted and shared, so that many benefit.     


      With whom will we share our gifts this Christmas?      


After our candle lit carol service in St. Paul's this evening, we have our

Carol Praise service tomorrow,

Monday, 18th. December

at 2 p.m. in Holy Trinity Church.

Carol Praise is a Carol service that is made up of

readings biblical and secular, anecdotal stories,

 sketches, musical items including hand-bells and solos and lots more. We will sing our favourite well known carols. It is informal, fun and different with many people taking part. Please come along and support us and be a very important part of our Christmas Worship in Holy Trinity this year. We look forward to seeing you there and to share some Mince pies and a hot drink after the service. Sr. Marian. 


The Travelling Crib is well on its way around the

 Parish. Last Sunday representatives of the Sunday

School  delivered Mary, Joseph and their donkey to


The residents welcomed the couple warmly and were pleased to host them until the next day. I am sure you would all have been proud of the way our children engaged with the ladies and gentlemen there, happy to crouch at the feet of the elderly and listen and chat. For all of us it was a most worthwhile experience. Please remember that the Holy Family will arrive in ‘Bethlehem’ at the Crib Service on Christmas Eve at 5pm at St Paul’s, when all the ‘hosts’ will bring along the sheep they were left with. Sian has spare sheep should anyone come without one. ”Come, let us adore Him”     Viv.

Swansea Night Shelter 2018 There are Gift Day Envelopes in both churches should you want to make a donation. The Night Shelter starts in Early January across nine churches. We will as usual join with All Saint’s Oystermouth to cover Tuesday nights.                                                                                            Sonia

Contributions for Annual Report 2018

Can I have any contributions for the 2017 Annual Report by 14th January. We are working on a new format which may mean consolidating some updates. Please send to sonningson@ntlworld.com.

Small Organisation Accounts for Parish Accounts 2017 Please can these be with the Parish Treasurer by 14th January

or please  contact Sonia Jones 01792 524409 if you envisage

any delay. Thank you Sonia

                                        This month SAT-7 KIDS celebrates its 10th                                         anniversary. SAT-7 KIDS seeks to provide                                         children with hope, affirmation and the knowledge that they have a Father who loves them and will never leave them. Please pray that SAT-7 KIDS will continue to provide this to children growing up in difficult circumstances. Kathryn 

Father Christmas is coming To St. Paul's Church

5pm Christmas eve.

There will be a short family interactive service, followed by a Christmas party with santa.

 Present for every child who comes.

Children are welcome to dress up in nativity costumes to take part in theservice.

 We have lots if you don't have any.

* Wanted to borrow,

soft toy sheep for Christmas eve service.

If you have one you could lend please could

you bring it or leave it for Sian. Thanks

Flowers at the Memorial Book

this week  donated by Ann Mullins


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