God welcomes weeds into the garden of His church and acceptance and the addition of the Holy Spirit, plenty of love, prayer, Bible Study, protection, and continual support and nurture, weeds in God’s garden become the wonderful blossoms that draw others to them to find out what changed them.

Lent is the time to nurture the weeds that we are to enable us to blossom for God at Easter.







 Sketty Parish invites all to practise Christian faith,

together serving God   and our community by

sharing the good news of Jesus






Sunday 18th February 2018 -

The First Sunday of Lent.                                                         

Readings: Genesis 9: 8-17; Psalm 25: 1-10;

                    1 Peter 3: 18-22; Mark 1: 9-15;

8.00 Eucharist

9.30 Family Eucharist           and  


11.15 Eucharist



 Mon  9.00 Open The Book

    1.30 Prayer Meeting

   2.00 Mothers’ Union


Tues 10.00 TOTS

Wednesday 21st. February -

10.00  Holy Trinity

     Communion outside the Eucharist

      with sister Marian.

Eucharist Readings:

Jeremiah 1: 4-9;  Acts 20: 28-35

Psalm 84: 8-12;

Matthew 9: 35-38;



Fri  12.00 Lunch Club


Holy Trinity Church Parkway           

Sketty Park.

Weekly Notes.

Sunday  18th.  February 2018:  FIRST IN LENT  


11:00am  Morning Prayer                                                              


  6:30pm Healing Service at Holy Trinity.   


In our Prayers we pray for:

  Gower Ministry Area

  Peter Brooks   (Ministry Area Leader)     

 The Church of the Province of Central Africa   

 The Most Revd Albert Chama

 Archbishop of Central Africa & Bishop

 of Northern Zambia    

 Wednesday 21st. February -

10.00  Holy Trinity


 Communion outside the Eucharist

    with sister Marian.

 Reader   Iris Jones                            

 Readings: (1) Jeremiah 1 v 4-9

                     (2) Acts 20 v 28-35   


                       Psalm : 84 v 8-12                                                      

                 Gospel Matthew 9 v 35-38

  Flowers: NONE DURING LENT                                                                                        


   LAST WORD SUNDAY 18th. FEBRUARY 2018                                         

         LENT 2


Cracks appearing along the walls of buildings may be a sign that there is something wrong with the foundation and urgent attention to them is needed.


   So, it is with us as ‘Temples of The Holy Spirit’.  Cracks in the outward appearances that we show to each other and the world may be signs that there is something wrong with the foundations of our faith.


    These cracks may appear in the way we treat one another. Are we snapping at people or taking offence at relatively minor things? Are we getting very angry and more aggressive? Do we find ourselves being critical and judgemental? Have we become impatient? Are we finding things generally difficult to cope with and losing the sympathy and understanding we once showed? Are we giving in more easily to the pressures of the world around us and are we readier to compromise just to fit in and be accepted? These and many others are all signs that there is something wrong with the foundations of our faith and we need to go back and look inside ourselves to find the problem.


    Then it is time to return to our clutter accumulated from our pasts and to see if there is anything there that needs putting right or even completely thrown out in order for The Holy Spirit is to be able to work more effectively and strengthen us against the weaknesses we find. This will help us to prioritise our tasks, which we need to undertake this Lent.


     Jesus is the foundation on which we are all built. If we are building on anything or anyone else then we need to stop.


 The church provides us with ‘experts’ who can look at these problems with us and give us advice on what to do. How many of us though, I wonder, take gladly to being told we are doing something wrong? Sometimes we find this threatening to our own view of ourselves and our worth and go on the defensive. However, if we realise that as brothers and sisters in the faith we should all be able to give warnings and to receive them. If we really want to be better in our witness and more reflective of Chris in every aspect of our lives, shouldn’t we be willing to listen to each other if we are speaking in Christian love?


   If we take the person out of the equation, and see what is being said as advice from God’s spokesman or women, then the threat becomes less.


  Discipline and humility are two very necessary characteristics that Christians should seek to cultivate. While then we are getting rid of clutter, these are two ‘items’ to either retain or acquire and will help us to repair the cracks and to shore up any weakness in our foundations.

Lent Blessings,

           Marian S.C.L.           


Lent Course-The Shack, starting Wednesday February 28th, 12.30-2.30, St. Paul's Parish Centre 4 sessions, lunch, watching part of the film and discussion.  I have copies of the book to buy and the film to borrow.  Sian.  

February 22nd 10-12, IN Holy Trinity Church.

              Please get in touch if you are able to help.                

Thanks Sian 07805091994.

Swansea Soroptimists

 will be having a Coffee Morning hosted by the Lord Mayor

Cllr Philip Downing and Lady Mayoress, Mrs Lilian Downing

at the Mansion House,

Ffynone Road (SA1 6BX) on Wednesday February 21st, 10.30am-12 noon to raise funds for Soroptimist charities. Tickets are available. More information from Carol Davies, Jane Watkeys, Sue James and Angela Ball .

All God's Creation is very good! is the theme for this year's


Lent Prayer Resource available from sat7uk.org or

contact me for information


Organ Recital

An organ recital will take place at 12.45 in

the Brangwyn Hall on Tuesday, 20 February, given by

 Stephen Moore. Stephen is the Organist and Director

 of Music at Llandaff Cathedral and is a supreme

musician as those who heard him at the recent Gower

Chorale concert will testify. Elaine

Ministry Area Confirmation Service 2018

Arrangements are now being finalised with Archbishop

John for a Service of Confirmation to take place on

Sunday 13th May at St Hilary’s Church, Killay.

Please speak with Vicar Robert if you have any queries.      Sonia


 Please will all members if possible attend the Wave of

 Prayer Service on Monday 19th February at 2:15pm prompt as that is when we have to start our service,    also on Tuesday 20th February (The next day) we have our Annual General Meeting both these meetings are in the Parish Centre.  Please try and come to both of  them.   Iris.

Flowers at the Memorial Book

this week  donated by

B & F Roberts, J. Davies

 and Carol Edward


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 Vicar: Rev’d Robert Davies-Hannen

            The Vicarage,

            De la Beche Road, Sketty,   SA2 9AR


Tel: 01792 202767  

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Sunday  25.th.  February 2018: SECOND IN LENT  

    11:00am Eucharist

      6:30pm Evensong at St Paul’s                                             




 The Flower Rota is now on the Notice Board in the Porch

 if you want a special date to donate flowers in memory of

a loved one please put your name down.      Iris.

Sunday 25th February 2018

- The Second Sunday of Lent


     Genesis 17: 1-7; 15-16;

      Romans 4: 13-25; Psalm 22: 23-31;

      Mark 8: 31-38;

8.00 Eucharist

9.30 Family Eucharist and

6.30 Evensong