Sunday 3rd. February.

5th. Sunday before Lent.  

Dear friends,

I heard a quote the other day.

“The day we find the perfect church,

it becomes imperfect the moment we join it.”

It sounds like a very modern quote but it is in fact a quote from Charles H. Spurgeon the Baptist preacher from the 1800s.

I doubt the perfect church it is really out there but in reality, this is a statement about us as individuals rather than one about any “perfect” church or congregation. We all come to church with our ideas, even prejudices and hang-ups on what a church should be doing and how it should be worshiping. These then all get mixed up together and one person’s perfect church becomes something less than perfect in their eyes.

It has also been said that opinion is the lowest form of human response because it costs us nothing. Empathy however is the highest as it requires us to invest in the people around us.

There is no perfect church, well not yet anyway. In this life we have to be content with our best human efforts but we will experience it in the next life when we stand in His perfect presence.

Look around you as you sit in church today and be thankful for the diversity of God’s creation sitting next to you.

Our wonderful, imperfect church worshipping together.

Yours in Christ

Vicar Robert

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Sunday 17th. February.

3rd. Sunday Before Lent.  

Dear friends

On Thursday it was St Valentine’s day. Valentine was a bishop in the Christian church in the time of Claudius. The Emperor, believing his soldiers would perform better if they were not distracted by family life, apparently prohibited them to marry. Valentine felt that it was God’s purpose that couples should be joined in a matrimonial ceremony in the eyes of God and defied Claudius, marrying couples in secret.

The secret was soon exposed and Claudius, furious by this betrayal, imprisoned Valentine. While in prison, the jailer’s daughter became a frequent visitor, and soon she and Valentine fell in love.

The story goes that one day when she came to visit, all she found was an empty cell and a note, which said “from your Valentine X”. He had been executed.

Valentine ’s Day is now a large commercial investment, but interestingly this story of love and romance has spread outside of Christian western society, and is celebrated in Lebanon, Japan and even China.

Apparently, a chocolate company promoting Valentine’s Day in Japan, made an error in their translation. As a result, it is Japanese women who buy gifts for their sweethearts on Valentine’s Day. Japanese men return this favour by giving gifts on White Day, March 14th. The gifts given by Japanese men should be three times the value of the gift they received on Valentine’s Day. A gift of the same value would symbolise the courtship being cut. White was considered the colour of purity, it also resembles sweetness as it is the colour of sugar.

In Korea, single people who have not received a token of love on Valentine’s Day or White Day, meet on Black Day (April 14th) where they eat black noodles with black sauce, however not surprisingly, this is not a popular celebration and is not commercially supported.

On average a billion pounds will be spent on Valentine’s Day in the UK.

Every blessing,  Vicar Robert


Sunday 10d. February.

4h. Sunday before Lent.  

In our Gospel reading for today, we read about Jesus calling His first disciples.

These first disciples were fishermen. Jesus went on to choose twelve men from different walks of life to be His closest disciples and who would carry on His work on Earth after He died. Amongst them was a tax collector and a zealot, and those you and I would not consider suitable.

  Jesus does not look at the outside, He looks at what we are inwardly and what through His Grace and the Holy Spirit we can become.

    Today we may feel unworthy to be Jesus disciples or we do not have appropriate skills. I have gathered a few quotes for meditation as we consider what God is asking us to do for Him through the year ahead.

Be ye fishers of men; you catch them, He’ll clean them.

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the caller.

Many people want to serve God, but only as advisors

We don’t change the message; the message changes us.

We are called to be witnesses, not lawyers.

Don’t give God instructions, just report for duty!

One to make us smile: ‘God loves everyone but probably prefers, “Fruits of the Spirit’, over, ‘Religious nuts’!

Finally, we remember that leading the early Christian Church was an uneducated, out spoken fisherman Peter, who had deserted Jesus at His worse hour but who through the gift of the Holy Spirit became the dynamic preacher and leader who gave the rest  of His life in service to our Lord, Then, alongside Peter there was Paul the well - educated Pharisee who persecuted Jesus followers but whom Jesus humbled and changed to be the Apostle to the Gentiles.

Whoever we are, He calls us too and will give us

all we need to lead others into His Kingdom.

Blessings,  Marian S.C.L.


Sunday 24th. February.

2nd. Sunday before Lent.