Trinity 10 - Sunday 25th. August 2019

A Parable for today, from the beach.

Weather permitting visiting beaches during the warmer summer days is something enjoyed by people of all ages. What do they tell us about our Lord and Creator?  Let us picture in our minds a day on a beach somewhere in Wales.

  It is at first a lovely warm summer's day. Everyone is happy enjoying   them-selves. Some are sunbathing, others playing on the sand, a few swimming in the calm blue sea and others enjoying a paddle!  In order to ensure the safety of those using the beach, a few lifeguards are on patrol and advising about the dangers of certain areas of the beach or unseen dangers in the sea.


  Suddenly, black clouds appear hiding the sun, rain pours down and is followed by thunder and lightening. With everyone gathering up their belongings and running for shelter, panic and chaos replace the previous scene!

   It’s a bit like this in our spiritual lives.  We can be going along nicely enjoying our faith in company with others from all walks of life and all in our own individual ways. Then suddenly some major crisis arises that challenges our faith and we find ourselves running for shelter and looking for safety and security.


We need experienced spiritual experts on the beaches of our spiritual lives. People of the Old Testament had the prophets. Today we have spiritual leaders, and teachers who are guided by the Holy Spirit.

And what about us? If those on the beach had had manuals with instructions on what to do and where to go in times of danger, the exit from the beach would have been orderly and safer for everyone. Each of us needs to know for ourselves what we should do when we go through a spiritual storm by reading our manuals, our Bibles, and by learning from the experiences of one another. But, do we?   

Holiday Blessing and prayers.

Sister Marian.


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Thoughts from the Ordination Retreat at Llangasty :  2

Theme: ‘Delight’.

Early in the morning I sat in my favourite place looking out of the large living room window at Llangasty Retreat House.

     As I sat there, I watched many different birds busy searching for their morning breakfast. Swallows skimmed the air and the Martins flew back and forth to their nests in the eves. Sparrows hopped meaningfully across the path searching for seeds and grubs amongst the bushes and flower beds. A Robin appeared on the garden table looking for leftover scraps that the guests may had left behind, and a plump blackbird perched on the back of one of the chairs watching him.

  Then suddenly, ‘Thud’! A beautiful thrush had flown into the glass of that large window and lay stunned and twitching on the garden bench just below it.

    My heart dropped. I went outside to see if there was anything I could do. Thank- fully, the sight of this strange looking nun coming towards it must have over come the original shock and, with a squawk, it turned over and flew off.  

   I remembered that Jesus told us that His Father knows every sparrow and that nothing can happen to them that He wouldn’t know and care about.  I am certain He saw the plight of that thrush and delighted in its recovery.

   Sometimes in life we go full force into danger or crisis of some kind. We feel stunned and battered by what happens. Then we can delight in the thought that our Heavenly Father knows every hair of our heads and that He cares so much about us.

    Let us trust Him even when we lie battered and shaken, twitching with the effects of whatever we have

 come up against, because He loves us and knows everything that happens to us. Let us also delight in

the knowledge that whether we live or die, He is there, and in the words of Julian of Norwich, all will be well.

With love and prayers,

                         Marian S.C.L.  




Thoughts from Llangasty:  4


 Early in the morning I would sit and watch the day begin.

One morning it was dull and overcast. Then gradually, as the sun arose, the clouds seemed to disappear, and the sky became blue, the colour of peace. As the sun rose higher the light gave a glow to everything and a feeling of warmth and the promise of a glorious day ahead.

   I remembered the story in Genesis about that first day when our great Creator called the first morning into being and that He delighted in what He had made as He saw that everything was good.

  Again, I looked out across the lake and my heart was filled with joy and I delighted in His promise of another day ahead and I said, “Yes Lord, all is indeed, very good!”

 During the holiday period many of us will have the opportunity to experience new places. Wherever we go, creation will speak to us of our maker. But will we hear what is being said? Will we see God in nature and hear Him speaking through it all?

Jesus looked around Him and from what He saw, He told stories that we call parables. Parables are earthly stories with heavenly meanings.

For the next few weeks, I will be taking some examples from different places and share with you, what I feel our Father is saying through them, to me. Next week, ‘Beside the sea’.

May your summer weeks be filled with the presence of God and give you healing and inner peace.

  Sister Marian.



Thoughts from Llangasty:  3


Looking through the window in Llangasty Retreat House, in the distance, a lake spreads out before me. All is calm and peaceful. Ducks and geese, swans and gulls glide gently across it. The trees and shrubs growing along its edge are reflected in the water and are growing strong and healthy.

  I remember Jesus’ words to the storm on the lake of Galilee and His command, “Peace, be still!” I delight in the remembrance that God set the waters in their place and in His power over all creation and I hear Him saying to me as inner storms toss me around and cause me to fear, “Peace be still!” and I delight in the inner calm that envelops me. I say with inner joy, “Thankyou Lord, for loving me!”  

   Sometimes little boats or yachts sale across that lake. Nothing frightens them. I remember that the church is like a boat, sailing across the sea of life and in which we travel on our journey to God.

    That boat is a life- boat and its captain at the helm is Jesus. Whether life is peaceful or calm, we have nothing to fear for He is always in charge. I delight, that I am safe.

I remember He has a motley crew who come in all shapes and sizes with different gifts and skills and that everyone is equally important, and all are interdependent. I delight in the knowledge that we too are called to join that crew and that He sends us His Holy Spirit to give us the words to say to others who face storms in their lives. He enables us to say to them, “Peace be still. The Lord is with you, He will see you through and He has sent me to help you to cope.” Together we can say, “Thank-you Lord for loving us!” Amen.

    With love and prayers, Sister Marian.