'Keep on asking and you will be given what you ask for …...(Matthew 7: 7-11)

Jesus said, 'ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!' Do we believe this?


The word ROGATION' means, 'ASKING'! This word rogation makes up part of the word. interrogation. We use interrogation to apply to the questioning given by a detained suspect by the police. This sort of questioning goes on and on until the subject can no longer resist!

I expect that one thing that most people are asking of God at this time is an end of the Pandemic and a return to our ‘normal lives’

Jesus told us that we should ask God for what we need. He compared God to a judge who only gave a poor widow what she asked for because she wouldn't stop badgering Him. Was Jesus suggesting then that we should pester God and make a right nuisance of ourselves in order to get Him to give us what we want?


Scholars have suggested that repeated questioning was not to get a reluctant God to grant our petitions but more for the effect it will have on each of us. Doing this will constantly remind us that we are totally dependent upon God.

   We are all supposed to be good stewards of all that God has given to us. We share with Him in caring for creation. Therefore, when we ask God for anything, shouldn't we expect to have to play some part in what needs to be done in order to answer our requests?

   However, we do have to be careful that we don't try to take matters into our own hands and as well as being open to the need to do something to help ourselves we have to trust God and to make sure that He is always in control.


   When Abraham and Sarah could not have children although God had promised Abraham that he would become the father of many nations, Sarah persuaded him to take her servant Hagar to produce a baby for them. In those days, the children of slaves could be considered as the offspring on their owners. The result was the beginning of two great nations from whom the Jewish and Muslim faiths developed and is still causing so many problems today.

Also. When we ask God for anything we have to remember Jesus said that whatever we ask for, it has to be in 'His name'. (John 14:13) In other words, we have to consider for what we are asking  and if it is in accord to the teachings of Jesus. We have to examine our motives for our requests.


   We remember also that we have to trust God that He knows what is best for us and those for whom we pray. He has a plan for all of us and He can see the whole picture, which we can't. Above everything, we have to TRUST Him!

This is very hard for us to accept at times like these.

Perhaps what we should be doing is while we are asking for healing, at the same time, we should be offering ourselves to God to use to help in the relief of the suffering.

There is a prayer which says, ‘Lord You can bring Goodness and blessings, even out of suffering if we offer it to You to use in Your service.’

When caring, loving and selflessness takes over in you and me, that could cause a chain reaction that will change society for the better. Perhaps we should not go back to our so called’ normal lives. Following in Jesus footsteps and imitating Him may be the answer to the well being on human kind in the future.

The answer to our prayers is the result of what happens when we care for one another and look after one another in true community spirit. We have seen a change as we become a more caring nation and we realise how much we depend on one another and need each other.

We have seen the willingness of carers to risk their own lives that others may have care and love.

We have seen neighbours of all ages reaching out  to one another, especially the vulnerable.

 How much healing this could give in the world today, even after the pandemic is over.

  We believe that whatever happens to us, whatever we have to face in life, however bad things get, Jesus will be walking along side us and by offering our situations for God to use for His glory, then we are helping to answer prayers.

 It is hard to accept all this today but I always try to remember that God was prepared to sacrifice His Son so that we might inherit eternity and God and mankind have been reconciled. Jesus death was thought to be a tragedy but in fact it was a victory.

    Let us help to answer the prayers by trusting everything to God our Father, and may you and I become part of the healing process.                                                                                                                          

                      I firmly believe in His own time, Our Heavenly Father will give healing and restoration but today we have to trust  , to serve and to obey in Jesus name.  AMEN.     

      ” Here I am Lord, use me!”