Failure, rejection, despair, emptiness and unfair treatment of an innocent perso

 are all a part of the Passion!

FAILURE: Jesus had apparently failed to convince His people that He was their Messiah.

REJECTION: His people, His family and even some of His disciples rejected Him when they realised He was not the ‘warrior Messiah’ they wanted.

It has been suggested that Judas betrayed Him in order to force Him to stand up for Himself and start fighting back.

DESPAIR: Did Jesus feel despair? I think He did because scripture tells us that He wept over Jerusalem when He looked over at it from the mountain. I also believe He was frustrated with the lack of understanding among His closest friends and disciples. “Do you still not know Who I am?” He asked them on several occasions.

EMPITNESS: “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” He cried from the cross, quoting from psalm 27. Did He feel abandoned by His Father? Was this a time when He no longer felt the presence of God with Him?

UNFAIR TREATMENT of an INNOCENT PERSON: If ever there was an example of this sort of thing, then this was it!


  Jesus was completely human. I have no doubt that He experienced the same feelings as we do when faced with apparent Failure and rejection. What He didn’t do was to react to it in the same way that we might and has given us an example we should follow.


 He carried on and spent hours, sometimes nights in personal communion through prayer with His Father.


   He didn’t blame anyone else. He didn’t blame Himself either but handed the

situation over to God to deal with, as He knew best. We often focus the blame for what happened to Him on different groups or individuals instead of considering how much what we do today still hurts Him!

    He remained silent when falsely accused and did not seek revenge; in fact, He prayed for forgiveness for those responsible for His crucifixion. “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing!” We would seek revenge, self -justification and for those who hurt us to accept and admit how wrong they are!

   It us very hard for us to forgive, go on loving and hand any difficulties we have over to God. Sometimes we say we are too depressed, too empty and too angry to pray and that is the very time we should!

      Why did Jesus go through all this for us? He did it because He loves us so much. What then are we prepared to endure in order to glorify Him today?


   The corona virus raises many different emotions within us.

There will be those feeling failure for not finding a way as yet to heal and cure and prevent the disease from spreading.

Then there is the doctor told to go from his lodgings because his landlady was afraid she would catch the virus through him. All he was doing was risking his own life to care for the sick. How rejected he must feel.

 There are people all over the world in despair as so far no cure has been found.

How many today, are crying with Jesus, ‘My God my God, why have You forsaken me?” as they see friends and loved ones dying and have been unable to do anything for them? How many, feel empty with uncertain and lonely futures ahead?


There are many wonderful people who have risked their own lives so that others will be cared for and how unfair this can seem while selfish and uncaring members of society remain healthy.

The Passion of Jesus shows us that Jesus knows and understands. He walks along side us carrying our crossed with Him on this uphill struggle to win the victory over this disease and death. We can be honest and open with Him about everything.

  What seemed to the disciple that all they had worked for was useless, turned out to be an act of salvation bringing hope and eternal life. We don’t know what the outcome of this pandemic will be, but we see signs of communities coming together and supporting each other and caring about the vulnerable in society. We see acts of selfless love administered by staff and volunteer in the health services as well as many signing up to help and offer whatever they can to support their local communities in towns and cities.

    What at the moment seems like a disaster could cause change for the better because our Lord can bring goodness and blessings even out of suffering when it is offered to Him in service.  Jesus’ apparent failure turner into a triumph and victory and a restoration of our relationship with the Father

Jesus suffering brought life for us. Let us all offer ourselves to Him today and through our sufferings may new life be born in our churches and communities bringing hope and peace for the future.

Blessings with Prayers,

    Sister Marian.