God welcomes weeds into the garden of His church and acceptance and the addition of the Holy Spirit, plenty of love, prayer, Bible Study, protection, and continual support and nurture, weeds in God’s garden become the wonderful blossoms that draw others to them to find out what changed them.

Lent is the time to nurture the weeds that we are to enable us to blossom for God at Easter.







 Sketty Parish invites all to practise Christian faith,

together serving God   and our community by

sharing the good news of Jesus









 Sunday 20th May 2018 - The Day of Pentecost

Readings: Ezekiel 37: 1-14; Psalm 104: 24-34;

                    Acts 2: 1-21; John 15: 26-27; 16: 4b-15

8.00 Eucharist

9.30 Family Eucharist and

11.15 Eucharist


Holy Trinity Church Parkway           

Sketty Park.

Weekly Notes.







The new Beacon is on sale. The Annual Reports

are also on the table for you to take one.




The Last Word:


As I sit in meditation I light a candle and focus on the flame. I think of the tongues of fire that rested on each of the disciples and those with them in that upper room on the first Pentecost after Jesus Ascension.

I remember that flames of fire have so many uses. Included among them are the creation of warmth for us, or as a source of light in the dark. I remember that fire used to be used for protection to ward off wild animals for those on safari. Then I think of the cleansing power of fire when it can be used to sterilise surgical instruments in primitive surgery and can be used to clean the tweezers to be used to remove splinters in our hands.

   We read of fire lighting beacons on hill tops to warn of danger. We remember from history the great fire of London which although destructive also cleansed London from that which caused the great plague so that London could be rebuilt.

  Then I think of the Flame of the Holy Spirit. He warms us with the love of God, and reminds us that Jesus brings light in our darkness bringing comfort and easing fear and is the light that guides us through the darkness in our lives.

   We can think of the Holy Spirit as a ring of fire around us   protecting us from the unseen powers of evil.

  We believe that He cleanses us from all our sins, breaking down all that tries to destroy our faith so that He can enable us to be rebuilt in the image of God our Father.

  Lit by God’s flame of love, we become beacons in life calling others to come to Jesus and warning of the dangers that can affect those who refuse to live the way God intended.

   This year let us once more open ourselves in prayer to the Holy Spirit and let Him again rest upon us fuelling us with all that we need to be Jesus’ disciples today.

 Pentecost Blessings,   Marian S.S.C.





 Vicar: Rev’d Robert Davies-Hannen

            The Vicarage,

            De la Beche Road, Sketty,   SA2 9AR


Tel: 01792 202767  

 Email: rdhannen@gmail.com


Sunday 20th May 2018:   The Day of Pentecost  




11.00am Morning Prayer


  6:30pm   Healing Service

Prayers:  We pray for:

 We pray for:

   Archbishop John and his family

   Those receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation

    around this time

    Colorado- (The Episcopal Church)

                      The Rt Revd Robert O’Neil



 Wednesday 23rd May                                               

     10.00 Eucharist


    Reader  Ann Morgan

(1) James 4: v 13-17   (2) -----------   

             Psalm : 49: v 1-9, 16-20   

             Gospel Mark 9: v 38-41

Flowers.. Donated by Sister Marian




Wed  10.00 Eucharist  in Holy Trinity


             11.00 Eucharist in St Paul’s


 Readings: James 4: 13-17; Psalm 49: 1-9;  

                     Mark 9: 38-41;

12.30 Sharing Together


Thurs. 6.00 Parish Walk                                                

Fri  12.00  Lunch Club

Mon  9.00  Open the Book


            11.30 Funeral of Enid Leech

Tues 10.00 TOTS


Flowers at the Memorial Book

 donated by

A. Grice


 All requests for St Paul’s newsletter inclusions

 to parishofsketty@gmail.com.

by Wednesday morning, please.


Sunday 27th May 2018 - Trinity Sunday

Readings: Isaiah 6: 1-8; Psalm 29;

                    Romans 8: 12-17; John 3: 1-17;



Joint Service Holy Trinity

because of Concert in Singleton  Park

and road closures.

Advance Notice:

27th May Concert in Singleton park with road closures around De La Beche Road.  No services in St Paul’s but a joint service at 10.30 at Holy Trinity.

For your Diary:

16th June An Edwardian Housemaid’s Secrets with Debra John at 7pm in Parish Centre.  Event raising funds for church.

 Tickets £12 to include supper.

Tickets available from Carol Edwards, Thelma Pike

and Jane Watkeys.

Urgent notice for knitters for Fish and Chip babies distributed by Life for African

Mothers.  (lifeforafricanmothers.org).  Notified this week that they can no longer accept these garments.   People/charities are now being discouraged from sending homemade clothes, new or second hand because they are undermining any possibility of people in the recipient countries learning skills, creating their own businesses and generating sustainability.    LFAM core funder has retracted funding due to Brexit and they are desperately fundraising to continue their work in Sub Saharan Africa training midwives and providing life saving drugs.    

Thank you for the tremendous support in knitting you have given this charity.

Could you support this fundraising event for LFAM: Saturday 2nd June  a Coffee Morning with Bring and Buy, at the Scout/Guide HQ's, Bryn Road, Swansea.   10am - 12md.      Janet.

There will be no Youth Club until June.


The Wattley Walks -

LLanmadoc Hill the beautiful walk up and around Llanmadoc Hill is planned for Thursday 24th May.  Meet at the Parish Centre at 6pm or at the ‘square’ in Lllanmadoc at 6.30pm.  Strong shoes advisable and a snack to eat while enjoying the amazing views.  Please let me know if you plan to join us at Llanmadoc.  Text or phone Liz on 07968 231192.


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Sunday 27th May 2018 Trinity Sunday                                     

      10:30am Joint Eucharist in Holy Trinity.                                                                     

       6:30pm No Evensong  


We pray for the family of Bill Ward who passed

away last week the funeral is on 6th June

11:30am in St Paul’s Church.


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